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Life-Coaching that offers Personal Empowerment: assiting you in working through daily life transitions--from negative outcomes to postive Break Throughs!  Personal life coaching sessions that provide you with a complete understanding of how to overcome difficult situations in life. Presenting life-changing lectures by Charene Henderson, a Profesional Empowerment Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker of over 14 years.  Inspirational Lectures and Webinars full of enlightening information that you can actually apply to any present life situation.  Become enlightened to the mysteries of pesonal power through inspirational lectures that help you to discover how to conqure challenging tansitions. Take part in Meditation classes for beginners, and truly learn how to center in to inner peace and awareness.  Break Free and Empower the Mind & Soul!




There  are no coincidences in Life.  There are no happenstance moments.  There IS such a thing as sychronicity. You have reached this website because you're realizing that there is more to life then what you're presently experiencing. In this awakening you've learn to listen to the Inner Self of you, the part of you that is pure Divine in all aspects of the word; the Soul core of YOU!

     The choice you make after reading this will either move you towards that new start in life you crave...paving a smooth, postive, and natural pace away from repeating negative situations, influences, relationships, money challenges, and other transitions in life; or, you'll take several steps backwards into unecesssary life patterns, due to you not taking action, not responding to the call of your Inner Self.   

     At this moment, right now as you read this, you're ONE step closer to the answers you seek to change draining circumstances in your life, but you have to do the work of taking the next step. This is YOUR difining moment.  Only YOU can make the choice to move forward in your life.

    TAKE THE STEP...Its time...BREAK FREE of the usual merry-go-round of negative experiences in your life. You're here because the Universe is beckoning you to take the next step towards freedom of the mind and soul... a step in the right direction for the change you seek...grab hold of this moment, now! 

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  As with all things in life, you have the gift of choosing.  The steps you've taken,  leading you up to this point, this moment in your life, have led you here for a reason...   Maybe that reason is to fulfill the purpose for which you were born.  Keep going, find out exactly why you've been called to this website at this time! Take some time to explore the website and find out why your Inner Self has led you here!

There truly is another world beyond the world you physically see!




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Allow us to Assist You in Discovering & Fully Awakening to Your Divine
Inner Abilities!

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